ARCHIVED BLOG: The first batch will be for locals only!

The first batch of the Torch Exhaust Flamethrower Kit will be sold to some of the locals here in the Chicagoland area. Due to the huge outreach of interested over the past couple weeks of those interested in purchasing the kit, I owe it to the first handful of local car enthusiasts that reached out to me even before the videos of my current and former cars spitting flames went viral. There are some other reasons for this:

  1. The need for further documentation – As I go through the rounds of setting up this website and subsequent social media accounts, these will need pictures and videos of installations on cars other than my own. These will further explain to potential buyers outside the area on how the kit works, hot it is properly installed and the overall difficulty of installation.
  2. Hands-on installation – Being able add this setup to another car enthusiast’s ride is extremely beneficial. It allows me, the car’s owner and potential buyers of any issues that may arise during installation. It will also allow for documentation with pictures and videos of tools needed for the installation process.
  3. In-person overview – I have used my kits on my cars for over a decade, so I know the DOs and DON’Ts of the installation and use of the kit. For that reason, I sometimes overlook potential issues a buyer may encounter with some that can be quite dangerous due to improper installation and/or cutting corners to save a buck. I would rather document these potential issues rather than pump out kits only to find a logistical nightmare of questions for easily solvable issues.
  4. In-person tutorial on use – Sometimes words on a website or on paper don’t resonate to buyers or potential buyers. The most commonly asked question I’ve received was, “How does it work?” That is a question hard to explain in a Facebook PM. It is far less complicated in a video than it is in text.

The most important route I can take right now is work out all of the details prior to mass producing these kits. I want buyers to know exactly what they are getting, how to properly and safely install the kit, have them know the entire setup needed and ultimately use the kit properly.

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