Origins of the Torch Exhaust Flamethrower Kit

I am Matt Torch, and I am The Original TORCH  behind the Torch Exhaust Flamethrower Kits sold on eBay more than a decade ago.  The first functional exhaust flame kit box was created more than 15 years ago in my garage. It took a great amount of trial and error, but I completed what as then a perfectly working setup with documentation.

The 2018 Reboot of the Kit:

Now in 2018, I’m making the kits again and the setups are patent pending!  Advancements in technology have allowed the Torch Brain Box to be more efficient with less power draw. I now personally 3D print the enclosures for the Torch Brain Box. These enclosures offer better ventilation. The fans are now within the enclosure making the Torch Brain Box more compact by being less than half the size of the originals.

That’s not it! I have incorporated the following modifications and advancements in order to make the setup more efficient, easier to install, and overall less expensive. Some of my projects are listed below:

  • Optimize the Torch Brain Box to be smaller in size and optimal in cooling of the components.
  • Creating multiple plug-n-play switch panels that can be placed flush within the cockpit so the owner can easily access them.
  • Testing new coils and spark plug components on the market that might be less expensive, better spark output and take up less room.
  • Building a comprehensive database for troubleshooting issues that a buyer may encounter when installing new kit.

These will take time to complete.
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