BLOG: Worldwide Sales of the Torch Kits Now Available!

The Universal Torch Exhaust Flamethrower Kits are now for sale worldwide! Thanks to the addition of Square and PayPal for secure purchases, our complete kits can be bought and shipped across the globe.

Each kit is made in the U.S.A. The main components are wired, assembled and housed in custom 3D printed enclosures in Chicago Illinois. All other components are assembled and shipped in the same package unless otherwise noted.

Shipping costs vary in regards to the customer’s location. We ship via UPS. Shipping to the inner 48 states is not a problem.

However, international shipping has it’s issues. There are possibilities that customs fees and/or country tarrifs/taxes may inflate then shipping costs. We are not responsible for such charges.

ARCHIVED BLOG: Details for the first sales of the kit.

Currently, I am building the circuity by hand, 3D printing Torch Brain Box enclosures and switch bays, and working on a comprehensive installation guide. I want to make everything as simple as possible for the first sales outside of local car enthusiasts crystal clear.

Now, this is the important part: The first batch of non-local purchases will ONLY include the under-hood Safety Switch, Switch Panel, Torch Brain Box and an installation guide that includes links to key components needed to complete the installation. This post is to quash the inevitable email or PM that reads:

“I just paid $125 for a little box, some install papers and Amazon links! Where is the rest of the kit?”

Let me explain:
When I first created and sold the kit over a decade ago, I only included the Torch Brain Box, a toggle switch, some connections and the instructions. All other needed components were readily available at auto parts stores, and prices were reasonable. Anyone could go into an AutoZone, Murray’s (now O’Reilly Auto) or a Pep Boys and buy everything that was needed.

This isn’t the case anymore with newer automotive technology. It is hard to find old school barrel ignition coils in local auto parts stores unless you plan on spending $45 for one (two if you have dual exhaust). How about 16-gauge wire for $16/100-ft, a single in-line fuse for $7, and switches that are overpriced.

Most of the Amazon links to specific components to complete installation are suggested purchases. If you already have components like the wiring, switches, plug wires, spark plugs, etc. then you don’t need to buy them.

NOTE: Please buy reasonably priced barrel coils and spark plug wires that properly connect to the coils and then to the spark plugs! Be sure that the barrel ignition coils are 12VDC and NOT 6VDC if you buy from another vendor.

Therefore the initial sales of the Torch Exhaust Flamethrower Kit will only include the under-hood Safety Switch, Switch Panel and Torch Brain Box, and Instruction Guide with links to buy all of the needed parts. At a later date, I will likely sell the full kits for both single and dual exhaust.