BLOG: Prototype injected fuel setup in action with video!

Oh wow!  The outcome surpasses any expectations I had when adding this prototype fuel injection setup to the Torch MS3. This is not the first time a setup like this was used on one of my cars, but it is much more refined. A crude version was setup on the Torch TransAm more than a decade ago when the previous kits were for sale.

The setup has changed quite a bit all of the way down to the custom nozzle setup. The Torch TransAm spit out 2-foot blue and 6-foot orange/red flames. That was big back then. However, the Torch MS3 spits out 3-foot blue and over 12-foot orange/red flames. Flames so large they go out of video frame!

The custom fuel injection setup has been overhauled after a decade. Proper components and safety have been a major factor in the new setup.