BLOG: Worldwide Sales of the Torch Kits Now Available!

The Universal Torch Exhaust Flamethrower Kits are now for sale worldwide! Thanks to the addition of Square and PayPal for secure purchases, our complete kits can be bought and shipped across the globe.

Each kit is made in the U.S.A. The main components are wired, assembled and housed in custom 3D printed enclosures in Chicago Illinois. All other components are assembled and shipped in the same package unless otherwise noted.

Shipping costs vary in regards to the customer’s location. We ship via UPS. Shipping to the inner 48 states is not a problem.

However, international shipping has it’s issues. There are possibilities that customs fees and/or country tarrifs/taxes may inflate then shipping costs. We are not responsible for such charges.

BLOG: Prototype injected fuel setup in action with video!

Oh wow!  The outcome surpasses any expectations I had when adding this prototype fuel injection setup to the Torch MS3. This is not the first time a setup like this was used on one of my cars, but it is much more refined. A crude version was setup on the Torch TransAm more than a decade ago when the previous kits were for sale.

The setup has changed quite a bit all of the way down to the custom nozzle setup. The Torch TransAm spit out 2-foot blue and 6-foot orange/red flames. That was big back then. However, the Torch MS3 spits out 3-foot blue and over 12-foot orange/red flames. Flames so large they go out of video frame!

The custom fuel injection setup has been overhauled after a decade. Proper components and safety have been a major factor in the new setup.

BLOG: No Catalytic Converters, Also Flame Kit Guarantees!

As said in the title, any vehicle running the Torch Exhaust Flamethower kit MUST HAVE all catalytic conervters deleted. This includes “high-flow” catalytic converters. The Flame Kit setup will not produce flames on any vehicle with a catalytic converter that is stock or aftermarket.

The Torch Exhaust Flamethrower Kit has two guarantees:

  1.  When properly setup given the instructions, the Torch Brain Box will provide a solid spark to individual spark plugs placed in the tailpipes.
  2. When properly setup given the instructions, the kit will provide a momentary ignition cut to dump fuel and air through the exhaust system.



ARCHIVED BLOG: Details for the first sales of the kit.

Currently, I am building the circuity by hand, 3D printing Torch Brain Box enclosures and switch bays, and working on a comprehensive installation guide. I want to make everything as simple as possible for the first sales outside of local car enthusiasts crystal clear.

Now, this is the important part: The first batch of non-local purchases will ONLY include the under-hood Safety Switch, Switch Panel, Torch Brain Box and an installation guide that includes links to key components needed to complete the installation. This post is to quash the inevitable email or PM that reads:

“I just paid $125 for a little box, some install papers and Amazon links! Where is the rest of the kit?”

Let me explain:
When I first created and sold the kit over a decade ago, I only included the Torch Brain Box, a toggle switch, some connections and the instructions. All other needed components were readily available at auto parts stores, and prices were reasonable. Anyone could go into an AutoZone, Murray’s (now O’Reilly Auto) or a Pep Boys and buy everything that was needed.

This isn’t the case anymore with newer automotive technology. It is hard to find old school barrel ignition coils in local auto parts stores unless you plan on spending $45 for one (two if you have dual exhaust). How about 16-gauge wire for $16/100-ft, a single in-line fuse for $7, and switches that are overpriced.

Most of the Amazon links to specific components to complete installation are suggested purchases. If you already have components like the wiring, switches, plug wires, spark plugs, etc. then you don’t need to buy them.

NOTE: Please buy reasonably priced barrel coils and spark plug wires that properly connect to the coils and then to the spark plugs! Be sure that the barrel ignition coils are 12VDC and NOT 6VDC if you buy from another vendor.

Therefore the initial sales of the Torch Exhaust Flamethrower Kit will only include the under-hood Safety Switch, Switch Panel and Torch Brain Box, and Instruction Guide with links to buy all of the needed parts. At a later date, I will likely sell the full kits for both single and dual exhaust.

BLOG: Looking for some Torch Flame Kit testers!

Bear with me here with the website. The front-end of the site is still a work-in-progress. I’m working on the back-end of the site in order to provide detailed information for the setup, Do’s and Don’ts, items that need to be purchased and the legal agreement. Please do not share this website with others until I finalize it all!

Obviously, I’m now making and (will soon) be selling my Torch Exhaust Flame Thrower Kits after more than 10 years when I sold hundreds of them on eBay.  Much has changed over the last decade in regards to my own knowledge of electronics. Back in the day, I slapped together whatever electrical components I could find to make it work. Now having a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, I have a better grasp on how it all works and why it works.

The current setup offered for testers is my original setup of good ol’ fashioned soldering of components, but with a modern twist. I now 3D print a custom enclosure for the Torch Box in order to encase the fan, optimize air cooling and shrink the size of the enclosure by half of the original size.

Long-ish story short:
I’m looking for car owners interested in shooting some exhaust flames by using my initial setup. I currently have 4 Torch Brain Boxes wired and built. Those interested must agree with the following:

  • Sign a legal agreement absolving me of any damage to property or one’s self.
  • Have ALL catalytic converters removed, and have a high flowing exhaust setup. This setup WILL NOT WORK if there are cats on the car.
  • Have an access point in the firewall for wires to travel from under the hood into the cockpit where the wiring can reach under portion of the dash board left of the steering wheel and/or reaches the center console.
  • Must be willing to purchase the rest of the parts (i.e. coil packs, spark plugs, switches, wiring, etc.). I will provide a list of parts.
  • Must be willing to have the exhaust tips drilled and have custom non-fouler bungs welded to the pipes.
  • Have wiring in the cockpit setup and ready for connection. An in-line fuse is vital in order to be safe from any shorts along path of running +12VDC from the cockpit to the back of the car.
  • Must be willing to come out to me (Chicago, O’hare area) for much of the setup. I have all needed tools including a welder.