BLOG: Using injected fuel to the tailpipes for massive flames (SETUP)!

As the original maker and seller of the Torch Exhaust Flamethrower Kit, I should have the largest flames. What is needed is a crazy setup that adds fuel directly to the exhaust pipes. The Torch MS3 has now been equipped!

The Torch TransAm had a similar setup that belt out 2-foot blue flames to nearly 6-foot orange/red flames. This was a rudimentary setup spraying white gas into the tailpipes. This has changed with the new setup.

The Torch MazdaSpeed3 now has a tenacious fuel injection setup! The new setup sprays/mists white gas to theoretically create flames larger than ever seen by my cars.

Custom Cockpit Switchpanel: Main toggle switch turns the kit on, Red push button
cuts the ignition and Blue push button injects fuel directly into the tailpipes.

Reservoir Tank and Pump: The switch panel allows for Pump and Solenoid
purging from the trunk.

Misting Nozzles: Removable misting nozzles with bungs welded to the tailpipes.
Solenoid Placement: Solenoid connected to the tailpipes via 3/16″ brakeline that
is split using a T connection (not shown).


ARCHIVED BLOG: The first online batches will require components off Amazon.

As you may have seen mentioned on the Torch Exhaust Flame Thrower pages, the current local and online batches will ONLY come with the Torch Brain Box, under-hood Safety Switch and the Cockpit Switch Panel as well as the Instruction Guide. Additional components will be needed to complete the kit as you can see then below:

Click on the image above to view additional components

This is only for the first handful of batches and the full kits for both single and dual exhaust setups will be available. The reason being is that I am gauging the demand for the kits before buying these items in bulk directly from their suppliers.

Don’t worry, this saves you money:

You can view all of the needed components by clicking on the image above or the text underneath it to reach the NEEDED COMPONENTS page. On that page, you will have links directly to the Amazon Prime listings. You can also choose to buy only what you need. If you already have 16 gauge wire, wire connectors and spark plugs laying around, then save your money.

Ultimately, there will be FOUR variations of the kits for sale!

In order to cater all personal interests in the Torch Exhaust Flamethrower Kit, there will be a total of four variations of the kit. These will include:

  • Single/Dual Exhaust Basic Kit (not including additional components)
  • Single Exhaust Complete Kit w/ all needed components
  • Dual Exhaust Complete Kit w/ all needed components
  • The Motorcycle Kit w/ all needed components*

* Note: The motorcycle kit is in the works. Parts and enclosures are being vetted in order to make a kit with the smallest footprint making it easy to hide and install on a motorcycle.