Torch Flame Thrower Kit Installation

Location of Key Components

Mark 4-6 inches from the tip of your tail pipes. Remember the spark plugs will stick out from that spot. It would be best to have them horizontal to the ground, or higher up to hide the plug from plain view. Single exhaust outlets with dual tips (not to be confused with dual exhaust) should have the plugs mounted 1-inch from the split to create a uniform flame output.

Spark plugs can be welded directly to the pipes. However, the use of spark plug non-foulers cut with a Dremel can be used as “spark plug bungs/nuts” to be welded to the exhaust pipes. This allows you to replace faulty spark plugs without having to cut the welds away.

Do Not Use products like JB Weld to replace conventional welding of spark plugs or bungs! This will provide a bad ground for the spark plugs that will provide a bad or non-existent spark. However, you can use products like JB Weld in order to seal and protect the welds as I have done in recent years.

The best place to mount the Torch Brain Box is inside the trunk area. with close proximity to the coil pack(s). Allow open room around the vents on the side as well as the fan exhaust on the top to breath in order to allow the Torch Brain Box to breath thus properly cooling the internal circuitry.
Do Not mount the Torch Brain Box outside the car. Exposure to the elements can cause it to short out thus making it stop working entirely.

Preferably, coil packs can be mounted inside or outside of the car (in the trunk area) provided that they are within 2-feet of the tailpipes. Their orientation is non-specific as they can be mounted upright or horizontally.

It is suggested that coil packs mounted outside of the car have the electrical leads (positive, negative and coil wire) with the use of electrical tape or preferably a product like Liquid Tape.

Spark plug wires that go from the coil(s) to the spark plug(s) must be isolated from the frame of the car. They should not be in any direct contact with the grounded metal body of the car. This can cause a short that will not damage any components but diminish the spark.

This can be easily solved by ensuring that the spark plug wires are either free-hanging, or zip-tied to any non-metallic parts on the rear bumper.

The switch panel should be placed somewhere within the cockpit of the car where it is easily accessible when you plan to use the kit, but also out of the way so as not to accidentally trigger it while driving (i.e. your arm or knee hitting it).

DO NOT wire the Torch Brain Box directly to 12VDC! This setup should be wired to an ignition ON 12VDC source with an inline fuse that terminates when the car is shut off. This ensures that the kit is not running while the car is off, and so that you don’t come back to your car to find a dead battery.