Will it work on my ride?

      We get many questions from car and truck owners asking if the Torch Exhaust FLame Kit will work on their specific vehicle. Some vehicle owners have highly modified and specific setups, while some may have moderately stock vehicles that have never seen exhaust flames. As the year, make and model of the vehicle can differ for even a single year of production, some vehicles may behave differently in regards to flame output.

      For a detailed assessment of your vehicle, please fill out the form below. Be sure to state if you have or have not deleted all catalytic converters. Also, explain your exhaust setup to the tailpipes if different from the stock setup.

Will the kit work on my vehicle?
Tell us the basics about your vehicle.
The kit is designed to work with gasoline/petrol engines. Diesel engine vehicles would require modifications outside the scope of this kit.
Having any form of a catalytic converter on your vehicle will drastically hinder the ability to spit flames. It is suggested that all catalytic converters be deleted, and that includes high-flow setups.
There are many exhaust tailpipe setups. The most common are single and dual exit pipes. However, there are single-to-dual setups and dual-to-single setups. If you are not sure about your current exhaust tailpipe setup, please elaborate in the next field.
Use this field only if you have a custom exhaust setup. Feel free to add links to images or your exhaust setup, or to the manufacturer page(s) of the aftermarket exhaust setup currently on your vehicle.
Please provide your email address to which can be contacted for an overall assessment of vehicle's use of the Torch Exhaust Flamethrower Kit.