ARCHIVED Blog: Checklist for locals looking to have the kit installed.

Alright, folks! For all of the locals looking to have the kit fully installed including testing, please follow the checklist. I live in Chicago near O’Hare Airport (not too far from either I-90 exits for Cumberland or Harlem). I’m only charging $120 for the install, which is $5 less than what the kit will sell for online. The only trade-off is that I take pictures of the installation and video of it working.

The install will take the two of us around 3 hours if we have all of the tools and components. Here’s what I have:

  • Drill and various bits for wire routing and spark plug installation.
  • Various box wrenches, sockets and screw drivers.
  • Dremel with cutting bits to make the spark plug bungs.
  • Welder for the spark plug bungs.
  • Digital Multimeter to check all of the electrical connections.
  • Solder station and heat shrink tubing.
  • A standard AC Delco car jack. NOTE: If your car is slammed and/or has body effects that won’t clear a standard jack, you will need to bring one! My Mazdaspeed3 has CorkSport lowering springs, and I barely get my jack under the car.

What I need from you:

  • First off, your car cannot have any catalytic converters on it. None, not even a high-flow cat. By the end of the install, there is a good chance you won’t see a single flame even through everything else is working properly.
  • Second, get in touch with me and we will set a date and time. You can find me under “Matt Torch” on Facebook.
  • IMPORTANT: You need to locate the common ground wire for the ignition coil pack(s) under the hood of your car. There should be a single wire that supplies DC ground to your ignition coils. If you own a Mazdaspeed3/6, I know exactly what wire to tap. For all other cars, the reason the install price is lower than the actual online kit price is so that I can gather this information.
  • Order the needed components in advance. All of what is needed can be found on the NEEDED COMPONENTS page.
  • Download and look over the INSTRUCTION GUIDE. This will help you know exactly what we will need to do to your car.
  • You need to run these wires:
    – One 16 gauge wire from the engine bay to where you plan to place the switch panel.
    – One 16 gauge wire from the switch panel placement to the trunk.
    – Locate and tap an Accessory ON wire in the cockpit.

This won’t be a one-person install by me. I will need your help with some of the install. You should bring some clothes that you’re willing to get dirty. I have an insulated garage that is well lit, so the weather won’t play a role.

I also have both an O’Reilly Auto and an AutoZone within a mile from from house if we would need anything. However, do not overlook the NEEDED COMPONENTS section thinking that buying local will save you some money. I chose all of those components because I personally tested all of them, but also because they are inexpensive.

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