BLOG: Looking for some Torch Flame Kit testers!

Bear with me here with the website. The front-end of the site is still a work-in-progress. I’m working on the back-end of the site in order to provide detailed information for the setup, Do’s and Don’ts, items that need to be purchased and the legal agreement. Please do not share this website with others until I finalize it all!

Obviously, I’m now making and (will soon) be selling my Torch Exhaust Flame Thrower Kits after more than 10 years when I sold hundreds of them on eBay.  Much has changed over the last decade in regards to my own knowledge of electronics. Back in the day, I slapped together whatever electrical components I could find to make it work. Now having a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, I have a better grasp on how it all works and why it works.

The current setup offered for testers is my original setup of good ol’ fashioned soldering of components, but with a modern twist. I now 3D print a custom enclosure for the Torch Box in order to encase the fan, optimize air cooling and shrink the size of the enclosure by half of the original size.

Long-ish story short:
I’m looking for car owners interested in shooting some exhaust flames by using my initial setup. I currently have 4 Torch Brain Boxes wired and built. Those interested must agree with the following:

  • Sign a legal agreement absolving me of any damage to property or one’s self.
  • Have ALL catalytic converters removed, and have a high flowing exhaust setup. This setup WILL NOT WORK if there are cats on the car.
  • Have an access point in the firewall for wires to travel from under the hood into the cockpit where the wiring can reach under portion of the dash board left of the steering wheel and/or reaches the center console.
  • Must be willing to purchase the rest of the parts (i.e. coil packs, spark plugs, switches, wiring, etc.). I will provide a list of parts.
  • Must be willing to have the exhaust tips drilled and have custom non-fouler bungs welded to the pipes.
  • Have wiring in the cockpit setup and ready for connection. An in-line fuse is vital in order to be safe from any shorts along path of running +12VDC from the cockpit to the back of the car.
  • Must be willing to come out to me (Chicago, O’hare area) for much of the setup. I have all needed tools including a welder.


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