ARCHIVED BLOG: Details for the first sales of the kit.

Currently, I am building the circuity by hand, 3D printing Torch Brain Box enclosures and switch bays, and working on a comprehensive installation guide. I want to make everything as simple as possible for the first sales outside of local car enthusiasts crystal clear.

Now, this is the important part: The first batch of non-local purchases will ONLY include the under-hood Safety Switch, Switch Panel, Torch Brain Box and an installation guide that includes links to key components needed to complete the installation. This post is to quash the inevitable email or PM that reads:

“I just paid $125 for a little box, some install papers and Amazon links! Where is the rest of the kit?”

Let me explain:
When I first created and sold the kit over a decade ago, I only included the Torch Brain Box, a toggle switch, some connections and the instructions. All other needed components were readily available at auto parts stores, and prices were reasonable. Anyone could go into an AutoZone, Murray’s (now O’Reilly Auto) or a Pep Boys and buy everything that was needed.

This isn’t the case anymore with newer automotive technology. It is hard to find old school barrel ignition coils in local auto parts stores unless you plan on spending $45 for one (two if you have dual exhaust). How about 16-gauge wire for $16/100-ft, a single in-line fuse for $7, and switches that are overpriced.

Most of the Amazon links to specific components to complete installation are suggested purchases. If you already have components like the wiring, switches, plug wires, spark plugs, etc. then you don’t need to buy them.

NOTE: Please buy reasonably priced barrel coils and spark plug wires that properly connect to the coils and then to the spark plugs! Be sure that the barrel ignition coils are 12VDC and NOT 6VDC if you buy from another vendor.

Therefore the initial sales of the Torch Exhaust Flamethrower Kit will only include the under-hood Safety Switch, Switch Panel and Torch Brain Box, and Instruction Guide with links to buy all of the needed parts. At a later date, I will likely sell the full kits for both single and dual exhaust.

ARCHIVED BLOG: The first batch will be for locals only!

The first batch of the Torch Exhaust Flamethrower Kit will be sold to some of the locals here in the Chicagoland area. Due to the huge outreach of interested over the past couple weeks of those interested in purchasing the kit, I owe it to the first handful of local car enthusiasts that reached out to me even before the videos of my current and former cars spitting flames went viral. There are some other reasons for this:

  1. The need for further documentation – As I go through the rounds of setting up this website and subsequent social media accounts, these will need pictures and videos of installations on cars other than my own. These will further explain to potential buyers outside the area on how the kit works, hot it is properly installed and the overall difficulty of installation.
  2. Hands-on installation – Being able add this setup to another car enthusiast’s ride is extremely beneficial. It allows me, the car’s owner and potential buyers of any issues that may arise during installation. It will also allow for documentation with pictures and videos of tools needed for the installation process.
  3. In-person overview – I have used my kits on my cars for over a decade, so I know the DOs and DON’Ts of the installation and use of the kit. For that reason, I sometimes overlook potential issues a buyer may encounter with some that can be quite dangerous due to improper installation and/or cutting corners to save a buck. I would rather document these potential issues rather than pump out kits only to find a logistical nightmare of questions for easily solvable issues.
  4. In-person tutorial on use – Sometimes words on a website or on paper don’t resonate to buyers or potential buyers. The most commonly asked question I’ve received was, “How does it work?” That is a question hard to explain in a Facebook PM. It is far less complicated in a video than it is in text.

The most important route I can take right now is work out all of the details prior to mass producing these kits. I want buyers to know exactly what they are getting, how to properly and safely install the kit, have them know the entire setup needed and ultimately use the kit properly.

ARCHIVED Blog: Checklist for locals looking to have the kit installed.

Alright, folks! For all of the locals looking to have the kit fully installed including testing, please follow the checklist. I live in Chicago near O’Hare Airport (not too far from either I-90 exits for Cumberland or Harlem). I’m only charging $120 for the install, which is $5 less than what the kit will sell for online. The only trade-off is that I take pictures of the installation and video of it working.

The install will take the two of us around 3 hours if we have all of the tools and components. Here’s what I have:

  • Drill and various bits for wire routing and spark plug installation.
  • Various box wrenches, sockets and screw drivers.
  • Dremel with cutting bits to make the spark plug bungs.
  • Welder for the spark plug bungs.
  • Digital Multimeter to check all of the electrical connections.
  • Solder station and heat shrink tubing.
  • A standard AC Delco car jack. NOTE: If your car is slammed and/or has body effects that won’t clear a standard jack, you will need to bring one! My Mazdaspeed3 has CorkSport lowering springs, and I barely get my jack under the car.

What I need from you:

  • First off, your car cannot have any catalytic converters on it. None, not even a high-flow cat. By the end of the install, there is a good chance you won’t see a single flame even through everything else is working properly.
  • Second, get in touch with me and we will set a date and time. You can find me under “Matt Torch” on Facebook.
  • IMPORTANT: You need to locate the common ground wire for the ignition coil pack(s) under the hood of your car. There should be a single wire that supplies DC ground to your ignition coils. If you own a Mazdaspeed3/6, I know exactly what wire to tap. For all other cars, the reason the install price is lower than the actual online kit price is so that I can gather this information.
  • Order the needed components in advance. All of what is needed can be found on the NEEDED COMPONENTS page.
  • Download and look over the INSTRUCTION GUIDE. This will help you know exactly what we will need to do to your car.
  • You need to run these wires:
    – One 16 gauge wire from the engine bay to where you plan to place the switch panel.
    – One 16 gauge wire from the switch panel placement to the trunk.
    – Locate and tap an Accessory ON wire in the cockpit.

This won’t be a one-person install by me. I will need your help with some of the install. You should bring some clothes that you’re willing to get dirty. I have an insulated garage that is well lit, so the weather won’t play a role.

I also have both an O’Reilly Auto and an AutoZone within a mile from from house if we would need anything. However, do not overlook the NEEDED COMPONENTS section thinking that buying local will save you some money. I chose all of those components because I personally tested all of them, but also because they are inexpensive.